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ADR / Voice Over / Foley

If a line of dialog is missing, we use a process called ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) to fill in the blanks.  In a process called Foley, we’ll create our own sound effects to replace missing sounds or just to enhance the existing ones.  Our music production space, which is also designed for VO (voice over) recording, is rigged with a wide variety of microphones from dynamics to ribbons and multi-directional condensers.  This gives us a varied range of styles to choose from when selecting a specific microphone to suit VO talent.  Sound design is one of the ways our media is given a tactile believability, the sense that you can feel, taste and smell what you’re merely seeing and hearing.

It’s going to be weird. He’s got that voice that tells you you’re in Yankee Stadium. All you have to do is hear his voice and you know where you are.”

Derek Jeter