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Production Process

Simplifying the advertising pipeline

We partner with clients to create unique, unforgettable branding components and enhance the communication experience. DCP Productions focuses on creating the mechanism that effectively reaches the audience our clients seek. First, we focus on the clients goals in order to formulate effective design plans, and then, we produce. DCP Productions utilizes three production phases in project creation.


Our Pre-Production process is the foundation upon which the project is built, and is therefore the most critical. This part of the process starts with understanding the vision and goals of our clients. We work from a delivery perspective, meaning the final output determines every step in the process.

Through our experience, we have developed precise and organized preparation methods to assure that every production detail is examined and delivered. We’ll assess the logistics of the shoot in advance, determine the technological necessities, book necessary travel, compose production schedules and shot-maps, and coordinate the vendors, and so on and so on…it’s a lot of stuff. The advantage of having a production team like DCP is that our experience, thorough preparation, wherewithal and technical savvy allow us to adjust, improvise and solve the wonderful challenges that arise in production.

Customized “Liquid” Production

After a careful and creative Pre-Production phase, we build upon the design and start producing. DCP Productions takes a unique approach to the Production process, we like to think of it as customized “liquid” production. Each project’s logistics are uniquely crafted to fit the ever-changing requirements of a project. The Production process can incorporate countless combinations of scenarios – 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, HD video, green or blue screen composite over live action, a multi-camera 35mm film shoot, – with each production that we complete, the necessity for an adaptive approach is reaffirmed.


After we create and capture the media, we move into Post-Production. This stage is where the design elements are manipulated for final output. Post-Production is where DCP has its deepest roots. We have become experts in this ever-changing, technology driven process. Our uncompressed HD visual and audio editing and mixing suites are designed to the highest industry standards.

Our perspective is simple: maintain maximum quality in each production phase for the best possible final product.