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Don Cherel

President & Director

Don Cherel is the owner of DCP Productions - a Baltimore-based content creation facility, where in addition to developing the creative concepts, he also produces and directs the advertisements that DCP creates.

Don got his start in the business behind the audio mixing consoles of several area studios, before eventually deciding to go into business for himself producing and engineering original music and radio advertisements for clients ranging from the local to national level. It wasn't long before Cherel realized that he could parlay these talents into the realm of film and video production. He took the same discerning sense and dedication to quality that made him a name in the audio world and applied them to motion picture; the rest is history. Don Cherel now has over 50 Director/Producer credits to his name in connection with advertisements created for GEICO, Planet Fitness, Warner Brothers, and the list goes on. In addition, ads produced by DCP have amassed over a dozen Addy awards and more than 10 Tellys in recent years.

Don Cherel

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Don Cherel in 2011:

You say that DCP is more than a production company, that it’s a Branded Content Creation Mechanism. Tell us what that means, how is DCP different?

It is true that DCP is more than a production company, if you think of the term production company in traditional terms.  We produce ideas that translate into communication experiences.  Our process is collaborative, we asses the task at hand and execute to the highest caliber.   We take on projects that often have no template, no formula- it’s the only way to progress in this field.

What is your creative perspective? Tell us a little bit about your process, and what the Don Cherel signature looks like.

The creative perspective always starts with the intended audience in mind.  We determine the who before the what  and then let the creative brainstorm begin.  I try and keep my  creative perspective “perpetually fresh” which means understanding what messages are effectively reaching what audiences and why.   My process starts the same way every time we get a project… with excitement.  I love this business and I love the process.  When I was an audio engineer I would love to be buried in the studio trying to assemble hundreds of tracks and feeling like the whole ship is sinking until suddenly the project snaps together.   Hard work and creative problem solving always produce the best products-thats our signature.

Where is advertising going, what will DCP’s role be?

Advertising is evolving as audiences change.  What was once a clearly identified demographic may now have evolved into a combination of smaller audiences.  To effectively identify with that audience and create content that connects with people will always be our goal.