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Case Study – Money Man


Chances are you’re not, but our newest created character is and he’s here to remind you that you don’t have to be made of money to save with GEICO

Money Man Boat
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GEICO wanted to drive home the point of how affordable their insurance is to all of the customers. Keeping in line with their lighthearted approach to advertising content, we took on the challenge of bringing the age-old idiom of “being made of money” to life in our newest campaign.

Money Man Gas
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We had a suit designed that perfectly personified our “Made of Money” idea and maintained its detail through capturing the campaign in HDR. Once we had the suit, we chose the actor to fill the role of “Money Man” based on his ability to convey the ultimate, confident bravado of this surreal character. Our talent choice was perfect, as he had the ability to operate all of the Money Man’s different toys throughout the campaign. Take a look behind the scenes to hear more about the use of HDR in the Money Man campaign, from our director, Don Cherel.

HDR – Behind the Scenes
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Without the Money Man having any spoken lines to give you a sense of his character, we created 3 original musical accompaniments to convey his carefree mood in each spot. We meet the Money Man in the desert with an old, sturdy Delta blues track that sounds like it’s been in existence about as long as the desert has.