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TSM’s New Neighbor!

Posted November 10, 2016 by Under Company News

Video games are mainstream and eSports have arrived! The rapidly expanding world of competitive gaming has driven more viewers to web-based streaming platforms than ever before (see Twitch). This young, burgeoning , and unique demographic is rewriting the narrative on how viewers engage with media. Excited to tap this space, GEICO charged DCP with developing a campaign that would meet this digital audience where they stand and engage them at a fundamental level.

In response DCP created a series of short pre-roll advertisements in the streamer aesthetic featuring North American League of Legends All-Stars, Team Solomid. Each video carried click-through GIFs to an expanded narrative, wherein TSM’s aging and misguided neighbor Russell finds himself captivated by the team and the world of competitive gaming.

The massive social networks of TSM were leveraged for further outreach where they experienced great success and shareability with their fanbase. Season 2 is in development in which Russell will find new and inventive ways to more deeply connect with the ever-growing mass of gaming spectators.

Shortly after the web series was posted, they started getting attention and write-ups from places like Adweek –

Geico Created a Quirky Web Series Made Just for Esports Fans Featuring Team SoloMid, By Angela Natividad

And from [a]list Frontline Marketing –

Geico Promotes ESports Sponsorship With New Comedy Series, by H.B. Duran

The short pre-roll advertisements look a little something like this:

All with a click-through to the first and second episodes, which you can watch here:



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