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The Money Man Cometh

Posted July 11, 2012 by Under Press

DCP Productions creates newest GEICO Character

BALTIMORE, MD (July 11, 2012) – DCP Productions has created the “Money Man,” GEICO’s newest ad character. DCP created the Money Man character and the TV ad campaign, the premise of which is that “you’re not made of money, so don’t overpay for insurance.” The Money Man campaign is the most recent of many TV ad campaigns created and produced by DCP for GEICO. The first ad of the campaign, in which the Money Man character is introduced on a motorcycle in the desert, began airing in late June.

Don Cherel, DCP’s owner, creates, produces, and directs all of the TV ads for the company’s clients. Don noted, “Bringing the Money Man to life was a creative challenge, but once he appeared as we had imagined, we knew that the character and the campaign had unlimited potential for GEICO”.

DCP Productions, headquartered in the Canton area of Baltimore, MD, is a media content creation firm that creates and produces national, regional and local TV and radio campaigns, digital outdoor ads, Internet and print ads, and original music.


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9 Responses to “The Money Man Cometh”

  1. August 5th, 2012
    kin Says:

    what is the music called

  2. August 25th, 2012
    Mike Says:

    Who plays the guitar for the Money Man on a boat spot? That’s a great song is there a full version?

  3. October 26th, 2012
    David Says:

    Yes, please spill it. The guitar sounds like Leo Kottke, but if you don’t tell us we’ll never know.

  4. November 5th, 2012
    Charles Nelson Says:

    Would love to find out the name of the song used in the Money Man Boat Insurance commercial.


  5. March 8th, 2013
    Dave Says:

    I too would like to know what music was used in the money man ad campaigns,. I just love the money man!

  6. April 30th, 2013
    Alfred Garcia Says:

    What’s the name of the music money man boat?
    I think its Ryan Bingham: Bread & Water but I think that music goes way back like 80 years by Lead belly….

  7. May 6th, 2013
    Al Garcia Says:

    Its the Allman Brothers Midnight Rider

  8. July 5th, 2013
    Charlene Walker Says:

    Nope, the Allman Bros music is used in the Money Man motorcycle ad. The boat insurance ad music is a wonderful riff, slide dobro from the sound of it. I’d love to know if it is from a song – unfortunately, nobody is coming up with an answer, which leads me to think that it is only a riff, and not a longer piece of music.

  9. August 2nd, 2013
    Robert Base Says:

    Who does the guitar work on the money man in the boat, and what is the name of the song. It is outstanding stuff!! I will PAY to find out,

    I thank you in advance. R.E. Base

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